Swamp Thingy

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Swamp Thingy

Swamp Thingy is inspired by the Finnish nature. Swamps are the place where you can relax with thousands of mosquitos. Beside that it has lots of nasty sounds that people might not notice. Deep and wet bog holes can produce a wide range of very nasty slimy, muddy, burpy, splashy and sucky sounds.

Sounds of this package are recorded in a quiet swamp which has lots of bog holes. It includes M-S stereo and LCR recordings which are edited in sync together. M-S stereo recordings are very close sounds, while the LCR has little more distance but still is pretty close. M-S stereo is for detailed sounds as stereo or mono or even just use side signal to get indirect sound. The LCR recording are for those who want more wider and spacious experience. The frequency range of the LCR recordings should give you lots of space to process them.

Swamp Thingy also goes below the surface of the swamp! Some recordings are made by using hydrophones. These recordings are not like the crystal clear underwater recordings, instead these are dirty and crispy mud movement sounds.

Swamp Thingy includes different kind of sounds. There are lots of bubbles – small bubbles, big bubbles, single bubble, short burst of bubbles and long bubbly takes. There are also lots of weird splash, suck, drip, slime and hit sounds. Sounds are created by me digging bog holes with my hands or with shovel. Some of the sounds are very nasty gory sounds and some even sound like creature movements or breathing. I also recorded some swamp grass and twigs tears and twist. Beside all of these, hydrophone recordings are full of weird stuff. Some sounds have deep hits which sounds like distant underwater explosions, while other sound like mud waves. All this without forgetting the crispy movement effects.

Swamp Thingy can be useful package to create for example gore, nature, underwater or monster sounds. Check out the Swamp Thingy video from here: Swamp Thingy.

Swamp Thingy includes
• Lots of bubbles
• Nasty slime sounds
• Brutal swamp ”suck” sounds
• Hit and splat sounds
• Wet drippings
• Grass and Twigs snaps
• Hydrophone recordings
Technical Description
• 118 sound files
• Most of the sound files have multiple variations of the sound.
• M-S stereo and LCR tracks are in sync
• Stereo hydrophone recordings
• 2,99Gb (2,03Gb .zip)
• 24bit / 192 KHz / WAV
• Soundminer Metadata
• Tracklist .PDF .XLS