Spooky Forest: Snaps & Cracks

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Spooky Forest: Snaps & Cracks

I am huge fan of outdoor activity and I love to hike in the forest as the sounds of forest are never the same. All forest types have their own characteristic soundscape and it lives with time of the day. Some sounds have different feel on them when you hear them in real spaces. You can create lots of things with foley but sounds like twigs and snow related sounds have always something special when it is the real thing. Goal of the Spooky Forest: Snaps & Cracks was to record the real snaps, cracks, and other various things you hear in natural environment.

I snapped lots of branches and twigs of different sizes. I bent them until they broke, throwed on trees and rattled dry branches together. Package also includes a few human related sounds as bodyfalls, body movement on leaves and footsteps. It also has lots of whipping and swooshing dry leaves and grass sounds. I tried to get authentic feeling with the forest reverb. That is why I waited perfect nights to record these sounds. It was always dead quiet when I was recording these. I even recorded some of these from 80 meters away to capture the whole beauty of echo in the forest. For this library I recorded three perspectives; one from very close, medium distance and one distant. “Close” microphones were placed around 1-3 meters, “medium” microphones 20-30 meters and “distant” microphones 60-80 meters away from source.

Spooky Forest: Snaps & Cracks can be useful package to create spooky moment of escape scene in the forest, build subtle suspense moments with small twigs snapping or even create abstract sounds by pitch shifting or with other methods of sound processing.

Spooky Forest: Snaps & Cracks includes
• Branch: Lots of snaps, throwing, break and rattle sounds
• Human: Bodyfall, body movement on ground and footsteps
• Grass: Hit and swoosh with grass stack
• Leaves: Swooshes, rustling, dropping and hits
Technical Description
• 198 sound files
• 3 perspective (close, medium and distant)
• 7,91 Gb (5,19Gb .zip)
• 24bit / 192 KHz / WAV
• Soundminer Metadata
• Tracklist .PDF .XLS