Cold As Ice

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Cold As Ice

Cold As Ice is inspired by the Finnish nature which can sometimes be icy cold. When temperature changes very fast, the ice starts to behave very aggressively. It shrinks and expands depending the direction of the temperature change. Usually this happens in spring when sun starts to warm frozen ponds and lakes. Due to the warming, ice makes lots of loud crackling sounds.

Sounds of this package are recorded with three hydrophones in small pond and large lake. Both sound of these environments have distinctive sounds. Pond produce more solid and isolated cracks. Lakes are more noisy, producing more continuous cracks with sharp stress and big deep cracks.

Cold As Ice includes lots of different size cracks, crackling, stress, sharp crackling, distant cracks in many various way. These are natural sounds and this is how they sound under the ice. Cracks are natural occurrence, so there are very unexpected sounds when one crack happens – it might lead to other crack, long and aggressive stress or ice slush dropping from ice to float in the icy water. Sometimes distant cracks sounds like thunderstorm or even distant gunshots.

Cold As Ice can be useful package to create epic ice cracks and frozen water ambiences, to bring the ice to live and making it a forceful element. These sounds can also be used as sound design elements, or to create sci-fi or glass shattering sounds.

Cold As Ice includes
• Lots of various size cracks
• Movements of ice
• Ice stress
• Continuous crackling
• Close and distant cracks
Technical Description
• 51 sound files
• Recorded with hydrophones, LCR
• 5,99 Gb (5Gb .zip)
• 24bit / 192 KHz / WAV
• Soundminer Metadata
• Tracklist .PDF .XLS