Car Destruction

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Car Destruction

The idea of the Car Destruction package was stuck in my mind for years as dropping cars from the crane looks like great fun. Finally, I did have spare time and I rented a truck load of wrecked cars and crane which could hoist a car to 30 meters (98 feet) in the air. Add these together, and a result is a nice and sunny weekend with flying cars.

Sounds in this package are recorded in quiet space far away from city traffic. It includes 18 drops with 7 different miking techniques and perspectives. These also include sounds from close or medium range, and from inside the demolished car. Most of them are in stereo but also mono and LCR can be found in some cases. I also used custom madePZM wedge. I used it first time with loud sounds and it makes very wide, natural and soft sounds without losing the low end.

Cars are dropped from 2-30 meters (6-98 feet) on top of other cars. Some just hit once and stop, but some make a few impacts and some of them even also roll on the ground. A few cars are also lifted up from front vertically so that its back is attached to other car. After releasing the car it just falls on other car . A few drops made great whoosh sounds just after the impact.

Car Destruction is useful package for example for making car crashes or other vehicle crashes where big impacts are needed. Check out the Car Destruction video from here: Car Destruction.

Car Destruction includes
• 18 drops
• 3 perspectives of each drop
• 7 microphone techniques of each drop
• Dropped from 2-30 meters (6-98 feet)
Technical Description
• 126 sound files
• Interior stereo, Interior stereo with processed sub, close mono, close stereo, close LCR, medium stereo and medium PZM wedge stereo.
• 689,3Mb (596,3Mb .zip
• 24bit / 192 KHz / WAV
• Soundminer Metadata
• Tracklist .PDF .XLS