Kuulas Sound Launched!

Finally here it is – Kuulas Sound – sound effects webshop. I have been dreaming about this a few years now. But I didn´t have time, budget or skills to make it. I was also starting to focus on foley sounds with my Kaamos Sound business three years ago. It took lots of time and investments to focus on foley. I built a small foley stage and bought some equipment for that. Also learning art of foley is very time consuming so there wasn´t time to focus on webshop. Why am I interested in webshop if I work as foley artist? Even if I love foley work I still love sound effects recording. It is the thing where my sound career started. I did have Tascam HD-P2 recorder and Sennheiser 418 microphone. I recorded lots of sounds with this setup. I was all the time somewhere pointing my microphone. Back then my focus was on custom made sound effects and I worked with indie games which was very nice learning process. Honestly, back then I thought that I will never use or make sound effects libraries. I was thinking that custom made sounds is only way to go. I was pretty noobie then. Of course custom made sounds are nice but there are so many good things about sound effects libraries too. First of all, some sounds are hard to record when budget is small or schedule is tight. Secondly some sounds are so unique that it might be pretty much impossible to most of people to go to record them. Thirdly and not the smallest thing – sound effects libraries are piece of art too! Each recordist and sound effect library brand have their own quality and trademark.

I have been planning Kuulas Sound a long time and I think I have pretty solid plans what I will make with it. At this moment I have 20 sfx package preplanned on paper. Four of them are already recorded but not edited and mastered. A few months I have been busy to organize everything what were needed to open Kuulas Sound. Now things should get easier because there are not any big issues with actual webshop template, arts or technique. Now it is just producing more new sound effects packages and make written plans true. My plan is to release 7-10 sound effects packages in year 2016. It is pretty big job but I think I can do it!